Implant Seminars Hands -on bone Harvesting and grafting techniques
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For nearly 20 years, Implant Seminars, has provided the most up-to-date and current information dental professionals need to successfully place and restore implants. Our course director, Dr. Arun K. Garg has been teaching extensively with hands-on surgical training workshops for nearly two decades. With his textbook (Bone: Biology, Harvesting and Grafting-for dental Implants) being translated into eight different languages, Dr. Garg literally "wrote the book" on Bone for dental implants.
Implant Seminars offers a variety of programs to train dental specialists in the latest bone management techniques and procedures. We have assembled a faculty comprised of some of the most respected instructors. Our goal is to provide you with information, products, and seminars that will enrich your life and improve your clinical skills. As technology rapidly changes, it is crucial for the dental specialist to stay ahead of the curve. We offer our dental specialists the perfect opportunity to improve their skills in an enjoyable, non-intimidating environment. See it on the weekend and take it to the chair on Monday morning.
Our commitment to excellence, our dedication to dental surgery, along with the supervision of our expert instructors, makes your commitment to your own excellence virtually assured. Whether you're just starting out, or looking to enhance your existing skills, these programs are exactly what you're looking for.
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We invite you to join us for a life-changing experience.
Our Hands-On Workshops, are designed for the clinician who desires more than an overview course to broaden the scope of his/her practice whileincreasing surgical skills.
Our Hands-On Workshops feature today’s most current techniques being used with dental implants to maximize success rates and clinical outcomes.
Bone grafting including ridge preservation
Bone harvesting
Sinus grafting
Soft tissue management
Block grafting
Graft materials
Hard and soft tissue management
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